Libra full moon (30 maart)

libra moonClouds continue to hide this full moon
It's power of illumination still shines through
Feel her energy radiant and grand.
Know it is the time to take a stand!

Change is coming, it is clear
Mother Earth draws her fate card
"Hear me child, you have been told
change is of the essence now be bold.

Old ways and old habits need to be broken
do what you can to break the chain
that will change your perspective
toward freedom's objective.!

Free yourself of negative thoughts,
join in gathering positive vibrations
while remembering your true heart
toward renewal and revival of a new start!"

Libra is about the scales of balance,
something rarely acheived without hard work,
loving yourself, and feeling free,
can only lead to Mother Earth's plea!

On this full Moon in Libra,
strive for balance, freedom and truth,
hit the ground running while moonbeams shine
Inviting cosmic energy and your soul to align.

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De volle maan was in Dublin achter de wolken maar was voelbaar!

Gepost door: Danique | 02-04-10

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